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The Five Fears of Negotiating Design Fees

Read Time: 5 minutes

Learning to deal with price pressure and the tactics used by professional negotiators is critical when clients are putting more and more emphasis on cost control and giving increased power to their purchasing agents. Here's how I help my clients cope and a few tips.


Negotiating Success Seminar

In late 2011 Charles Wiggins and I developed and gave a seminar on Negotiations for one of my Midwest clients. It took a full Friday and half of the following Saturday. The relentless price pressure that all my clients find themselves facing inspired the seminar. This seems to be especially true of creative firms that work primarily with the giant CPGs.


Sales are off. What now?

There is no question that the current economy is having a dampening effect, but most design firms are small and maneuverable and by turning their creative energies inward can redesign their offer to benefit clients who are also having a rough time. This is an opportunity to build something newer, leaner and more relevant to our changing world.


Virtuous Cycle

A Virtuous Cycle is a series of events which result in a favorable outcome. A Vicious Circle is a series of events which result in an unfavorable outcome. In business, this can mean the difference between success and failure.