When I work with individuals, I’ve found three sessions is really the minimum in order to make any meaningful progress. Once you’ve worked with me for three sessions you can book individual sessions. I’m currently using Skype, Zoom and FaceTime for these meetings.

That said, there are three ways to hire me as an individual. I also work with groups as you’ll see below.


If you’re a student or recent grad, I cut my usual $100 an hour rate in half which makes three sessions $150.

Three, one-hour sessions

$150 Add to cart


Many of my individual clients have worked with me for years, with sessions weekly, monthly or twice a month. But I also have many clients who just need three sessions, and that’s fine with me. My fee is $100 an hour, making the three sessions total $300.

Three, one-hour sessions

$300 Add to cart

Additional Sessions

Additional sessions can be purchased by the hour at $100.

Single, one-hour coaching session

$100 Add to cart


Many of my clients like to involve their teams. I’ve found that those meetings need to be minimum of two hours long to achieve meaningful results. My fee for a single group meeting with up to six people is $1,000.

Group session

$1,000 Add to cart