As a creative, I’ve always been more motivated by the work than the money. But over a long career providing creative services to corporate clients, I’ve learned how much value creatives provide and should be compensated for. Today I use that knowledge to help creatives all over the world deal with difficult issues like negotiations.

Mutual Mentors

I host these sessions from fall through spring on Saturdays, 10 to noon once a month, in our Bellingham home. The group is limited to 10. All you need to attend is $25 and a story related to the topic. Sign up below, for my emails to receive notifications, directions and to register for the next session.

Nail It

Nail It is a collection of stories about the struggles creatives face to get the money and respect they deserve. The stories all come from clients and students I’ve helped get what they need to succeed – for themselves, their clients and their employers. It’s a steal at $5.

“This little book packs a big wallop for job seekers. Finally, somebody is talking about money!”
— Ellen Shapiro

Communication Arts, September-October 2015

My Online Training Offers

I was inspired to create an online training program by the good folks at CreativeLIVE, where I produced and hosted a live training class on negotiations for creatives. I subsequently created my own course, Worth It, which uses animated films and simulations to illustrate the ideas. Later I revised and shortened Worth It to fit Udemy’s platform.
  • Thanks so much for a wonderful seminar. I left feeling not only generally more confident as a negotiator, but also specifically better-equipped with the strategies we’d spoken about — ‘Help me understand,’ changing the context, and issues vs. interests, to name a few.

    Kate Schenot, Producer
  • Ted, I admire your efforts to help people understand and adapt to the realities of our tumultuous times.

    Mark Southwood, Giants for Growth, London
  • I love your stories and your writing.

    Melinda Hannah, Portrait Artist
  • Ted’s teaching about respect has helped me maintain and raise my pricing, without compromise. He’s right on target, helping me negotiate and land projects over and over again.

    John Granen, Photographer
  • You never cease to amaze me with your willingness to make your life an open book – especially the more hurtful parts. But I’m also amazed by the lessons you draw – and share – from all of that. Thank you for making me one of those with whom you share.

    Larry Coffman, Publisher
  • Thank you Ted, for connecting with me. The seminar was great, and I’m gaining powerful techniques through the videos on your site, and I am already recognizing and avoiding bad situations.

    Bo Frank, Web Developer
  • Ted’s insights have helped us improve our pitches, presentations, and overall sales. We’ve closed more deals on our own terms in the last year than ever before.

    Brianna Home, Co-owner, Creative Agency
  • I’ve used Ted’s ‘three-step close’ for years. It works every time.

    Emily Tennison, Account Executive
  • Ted’s whiteboard technique has been the single most effective closing method I’ve ever encountered. I use it weekly.

    Ross Beyeler, Owner, e-Commerce Design Consultancy
  • Ted, thanks - in a few short weeks we more than covered the cost of the seminar with new projects and better margins on existing business. Better still, the team feels much more comfortable talking about money with clients.

    Tim Perry, Managing Partner, London Design Firm
  • I would like to thank you again for a great coaching session. This was a huge breakthrough for us on so many levels. I am truly grateful to you for helping me frame this interview and focus on what mattered.

    Audrey West, Landscape Designer
  • Your seminar energized me. In the past, money and asking for it has been an emotional, embarrassing topic for me. Now I know it's not personal and to how to combat my innate anxiety. I came away ready to tackle those formerly awkward conversations.

    Alicia B, Writer, NYC