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Mutual Mentors, Saturday May 4th

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Our next Mutual Mentor meeting is Saturday, May 4th, 10 to Noon.

Three people have signed up so far.

I hold these at my Bellingham home, charge $25, and limit attendance to ten. Coffee, tea, and snacks provided.

Location provided when you sign up.

I take great pleasure from ordinary comforts like friendship, craft, memories from the past, legend, lore, and skills passed down over thousands of years. Mutual Mentors continue those traditions.

I enjoy discovering the pleasure people have in kinship and family, something I missed and sometimes feel jealous about.

I enjoy analyzing past successes and failures, wondering why and how they happened.

My professional work consists of hour-long video calls with clients, all of whom are creatives. I do this four days a week, Tuesday through Friday. A big day involves five or six calls, but on a slow day, I may have only one.

I started Mutual Mentors to have the pleasure of talking and sharing ideas with a diverse group of creatives. The last few groups have included filmmakers, writers, graphic designers, developers, photographers, educators, package designers, illustrators, and creative business owners.

I love these meetings. I love being a contributor. I love being of help and learning from others along the way. I think of these sessions as a precious opportunity to connect on issues that are vital to our economic and emotional success.

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