Group Coaching Session

Small group coaching

Ted coaching a group of three creatives

If you lead a creative group that needs help with…

  • strategic planning
  • marketing or messaging
  • presenting and client management skills
  • intergroup personal dynamics

…then Ted’s group coaching sessions may be just right for you.

Individual sessions are best for intensive learning to prepare you for a specific situation.

However, if you have an ongoing challenge that you would like to see your group address, then Group Coaching is a great opportunity. You’ll be able to bounce your ideas off of Ted as well as your group. Group Coaching clients benefit from the collective knowledge of the group. You and your group will come away with insights into each other as well as clarity on your specific issues, and ready to take the next steps to get where you’re going.

I value your privacy and will not share or sell your email address. Ever.

Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions are 2 hours each for $1,000. A meeting a week is recommended. You’ll try out what you learned during the week and then come back for further feedback and more ideas. Each session is tailored to the individuals in the group. Participation in each cohort is limited to six people.

Group Coaching Session


The way Ted re-tools negotiation skills through these courses has left me more in control, and feeling empowered and confident, freeing me to focus and deliver on the best part: the work! I highly recommend him for creatives in any industry including design, illustration, writing, photography, and consulting.

— Bob