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“Nail is a bold and powerful statement of courage and creativity...it is spectacular!”
— Eben Greene

Vision Keeper, United Creations

Why Ted Leonhardt?

A former global creative director with over four decades of experience, Ted can help you with your career challenges.

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  • I’ve used Ted’s three-step close for years. It works every time.

    — Emily Tennison, account executive, global design agency
  • Ted’s white board technique has been the single most effective closing method I’ve ever encountered. I use it weekly.

    — Ross Beyeler, owner, e-commerce design consultancy
  • Negotiation is truly my Achilles’ heel, as it is for so many creatives. That you are so committed to helping us advocate for ourselves is inspiring and motivating. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

    — Wynia, architectural glass designer
  • Ted’s teaching about respect has helped me maintain and raise my pricing, without compromise. He’s right on target, helping me negotiate and land projects over and over again.

    — John Granen, photographer
  • Ted’s insights have helped us improve our pitches, presentations, and overall sales. We’ve closed more deals on our own terms in the last year than ever before.

    — Brianna Home, co-owner, creative agency

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“This little book packs a big wallop for job seekers. Finally, somebody is talking about money!”
— Ellen Shapiro

Communication Arts, September-October 2015