Saturday, December 7, 2013

Use Holiday Business Slow downs to Reboot

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This post was inspired by a question from a fellow creative group member on LinkedIn: We’re seeing a quieter period this holiday season than we’re experienced in the past, are you? 

Quiet periods are scary, no matter what the reason.

They always scare me! I think of the quiet times as a wake-up call. A slow down in business gives us the opportunity to think about the overall flow of business, why it has changed and how to grow it.

By and large, design businesses are nimble enough to grow during down turns in the economy as a whole or through an industry decline. But they must think about it, plan around it and make the changes necessary to re-spark growth.

I’ve seen firms reboot just by calling a few past clients. I’ve seen other firms completely change their business and focus on a new industry that would naturally benefit from their creative skills. In any case, the key is to examine the situation, make a realistic plan and take action.

This post originally appeared on Talent Zoo.

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