Negotiations for Creatives in the Age of Covid

10-Noon daily on Zoom, January 11-15, limited to 30 attendees

Negotiations for Creatives is a seminar offed by Overture members Jessica Knapp and Ted Leonhardt.

Ted Leonhardt, consultant, writer, teacher, author Nail It, Stories for designers on Negotiating with Confidence.

Jessica Knapp, PhD, instructor, writer, editor, teaches negotiations for creatives in her communications course at Seattle University.

If you’re a creative, if you’ve found yourself struggling with how to ask for what you need Jessica and I have created this seminar for you.

There’s a reason you always find yourself caving – whether it’s asking for a raise or dealing with a client and not being sure what to charge. The reason for your negotiating angst is emotion, not logic. The very same part of your personality that drew you to work in a creative field also makes you an easy target for compromise when it comes to talking about money, especially when you’re negotiating with MBA’s. But this is a tendency you can learn to use to advantage, and you’ll learn how in these 5, 10-noon January sessions

The psychology and neuroscience of how people act when they’re talking about money is pretty fascinating stuff – especially when you recognize yourself in the scientific data. But just because you’re a creature of your brain chemistry doesn’t mean you’re doomed to always make less, give away services, and let someone else pull down the big bucks. A different approach starts with a different perspective – something we’ll help you start to develop in this spine-stiffening seminar. Here are a few of the topics we’ll be covering:

-The dilemma: why creatives are less effective negotiators
-Why people who work in corporations have different values
-The negotiation experiences of group members
-Preparation: what to study and what to ignore
-Power of questions and what to ask
-Why knowing that it’s not deliverables but you that they need
-Aligning a negotiation team
-How to rehearse a negotiation before you get in the middle of one
-Things to say. When to speak. When to be quiet
-Reducing anxiety and increasing your effectiveness
-Failure: assess your latest negotiation and learn from it
-Tools and techniques

Who should take Negotiations for Creatives
This talk is for designers, writers, account managers, biz dev people, freelancers, and anyone in creative businesses who need to negotiate their own salaries, as well as the fees, timeline, and scope of a client project.

  • January 11, 2021 - January 15, 2021
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location:   Zoom

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