Mentor Mornings: How do I ask for what I need? What should I say?

Mentor mornings meeting

Last Saturday I was a speaker at a Seattle Lean In event “Negotiating for the Win.” Over 200 women attended and the most frequent questions were along the lines of what to say to get what you need. “What should I say to get fairly paid?” was asked over and over again.

“The guy who held my position before me was paid significantly more than I’m paid. How do I get what he got?”

“They said that the budget wouldn’t cover my fees. What should I say to get them to understand what it takes to do what they need, and get paid for it?”

These are universal questions. Questions that we all face throughout our careers.

At this Saturday’s Mentor Morning we’ll discuss what to say to get what you need to succeed for your client or employer, and yourself.

Bring your story about a time when you successfully asked and got what you need. Or a tell us about a time when you asked and you didn’t get what you need. In either case be prepared to tell the group your story.

This Saturday we’ll be at Melinda Hannah’s new house in Seattle’s Broadmoor community:

1212 Broadmoor Drive East, Seattle, WA 98112

  • September 16, 2017
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location:   Melinda Hannah's Home

1212 Broadmoor Drive East, Seattle, Washington, 98112, United States