Saturday, March 28, 2020

Covid-19 survival discussions

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A small creative service firm with four working partners as owners. Their conversation…

“We own the building! Well, we own part of it with the bank. We can use the equity to pay our staff – or at least partially pay our staff – through this pandemic…”

“But, That’s our retirement plan. The building’s our retirement plan.”

“Well we wouldn’t have the building if our staff hadn’t helped us make the money.”

“Let’s wait and see what help we get from the stimulus package before we commit to giving away the building.”

“The other problem is idleness. We don’t have the work. We can’t keep doing nothing for long.”

“What if we donated some marketing campaigns to our arts clients.’”

“We’ve got the independent theater, the ballet, the symphony, the children’s theater. They are all trying to figure out how to go online. Let’s just start cranking out concepts – with their permission of course.”

“The team will love that.”

“Wait a minute. Not the arts. What about the frontline medical staff? What can we do for them?”

“Let’s open this discussion up to the whole staff. Get their thoughts. Tell them what we’re thinking… Then decide what to do.”

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