Mentor Morning: 5 steps to new work

Your client base dries up.

No clients, no gigs, no work and the fear rushes in.

Action required. I know that I must take action. But somehow, I can’t.

Lots of things get in the way of taking action when your income is threatened. But in my experience when action is required it’s best to know manageable steps that you can take. Steps that will produce immediate results.

5 steps for immediate results

1 Make a list of current and past clients
2 Pick five most likely to need your help
3 Review and make notes on your experiences with each them
4 Make a list of how you could help and get excited about the possibilities
5 Pick three to call. Call them. Ask for their thoughts on your ideas

Knowing that you have an easily accomplished action plan, a plan that can rekindle your excitement about work will reduce your fears and give you the confidence you need to actually take action. And, this is important, when you reframe your fear as excitement it redirects your anxiety into positive action.

Join us this coming  Saturday as we explore how to replace the fears that keep us from taking action with the pleasure of new opportunities.




  • March 14, 2020
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location:   The De Anza III

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4501 Shilshole Ave NW, Seattle, Washington, 98117, United States