New Online Training for Creative Professionals

Today we announce the public launch of Ted’s new course, Negotiation Skills for Creative Professionals. The online course about salary negotiation and freelancer fees has earned 4.9 (out of 5) stars in feedback during the beta launch.

“Creative works contribute $698 billion to the U.S. economy,” says Ted. “Creatives should feel comfortable asserting the value in the market place.” Ted developed the course especially for creatives. “We wear our hearts on our sleeves. No matter how long we’ve been doing the work, we face special challenges at the negotiation table.”

Salary Negotiations for Creatives

The course uses videos, lectures, and written guides to explain Ted’s innovative methods. Short lessons help creatives quickly gain confidence. Professionals can review the course while preparing for upcoming salary negotiations. Freelancers can get up to speed before closing contracts. Content can is accessible online or with Udemy’s iOS and Android apps.

“Ted is an industry legend, and has crafted advice to be put to immediate use, and remain useful for the long game. I’ve used his coaching in the past, resulting in more valuable design for my clients, and getting paid what I’m worth. The way he re-tools negotiation skills thru these courses has left me more in control, and feeling empowered and confident, freeing me to focus and deliver on the best part: the work,” says designer Bob Boulware.

Negotiation Skills for Creative Professionals is available for $30.

About TedLeonhardt.com, LLC

In refining his teaching methods, Ted consults with Dr. Carola Salvi, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University in Chicago studying art, creativity, and insight problem solving. “Scientific research repeatedly demonstrated that creative people are motivated by rewards other than money,” she says. “Ted is the first person, as far as I am aware, to apply that knowledge in helping creatives improve their earning potential.”

TedLeonhardt.com, LLC is a project of branding and design expert Ted Leonhardt, former global creative director of FITCH Worldwide. Ted’s specialized approach to negotiation helps creative workers build on their strengths and own their value in the marketplace.