Creativity Scientist Teams Up with Ted

Photo courtesy Carola Salvi

I’m excited about a new collaboration that’s going to make my negotiation advice to creatives even more meaningful. Dr. Carola Salvi, a scientist and scholar with Northwestern University, has signed on as our Scientific Advisor on Creativity. In her role, she is evaluating research on the distinct needs of creatives in negotiations.

I’ve observed over the years that creative people approach negotiations differently from most other professionals. I’ve been curious about why this is, to learn what makes us creative people experience negotiations the way we do. Now, with Dr. Salvi’s help, we are developing a better understanding as to why, which in turn is helping refine and improve our advice to you.

Dr. Salvi’s research specializes in understanding neuroscientific and social aspects of creativity. Specifically, she studies insight — when an idea rises in our mind, or, in other words, what has been called an “Aha!” moment. With her collaborators, she recently discovered that the feelings of certainty accompanying such moments correspond to an increased accuracy in people’s responses. She is currently investigating how that certainty relates to motivation and risk-taking in pursuit of ideas. She has also begun to formulate research on the relationship between creativity and monetary reward.

“Scientific research has repeatedly demonstrated that creative people are motivated by rewards other than money,” says Dr. Salvi. “Ted is the first person, as far as I am aware, to apply that knowledge in helping creative improve their negotiation skills.”

Dr. Salvi holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, Linguistics, and Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Milano-Bicocca, and a M.S. in the Psychology of Organizations, Work, and Consumer Behavior. Her research findings published in peer-reviewed scientific journals have also been highlighted in news outlets around the world, including Scientific American, Time.com, Huffington Post Science, Pacific Standard, Psychology Today, and Oprah.com. In addition to her scholarship in neuroscience, Dr. Salvi is a photographer and painter.