Communication Arts Review of ‘Nail It’ by Ellen Shapiro

September-October Issue, Page 209

This little book packs a big wallop for job seekers. Finally, somebody is talking about money!

“For millennia, humans have turned to stories to learn about life,” writes Leonhardt, a former global agency creative director who is now a consultant dedicated to improving the status of creative. He presents fifteen stories, such as “Ally Lands a Brand,” that illustrate how designers with good negotiation skills can make more money.

When it comes to salary negotiation, he provides realistic scenarios that include advice on keeping your cool when emotions rise and giving yourself breathing time to consider and respond, which can help you get paid what you deserve. When it comes to negotiations with clients, however, Leonhardt may be living on a much rosier planet than you or I. A planet where $195-per-hour fees are lower than the competition’s and starting a project without a contract gives you “leverage.” In one scenario, the designer says: “A project like this will take three months and $150k. How does that sound?” The client responds: “Sounds good.”In my dreams.

I do hope this book opens a much broader and deeper conversation about money – and about the value of design and how to compete in the crowd sourced world. Our profession deserves it.

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